A feminine spring

black dress

Hey girls! Finally, the good weather is coming! I am extremely happy and I can not wait to get my dresses in the foreground !! The first outfit for this spring, I will keep it in the same area of elegance and refinement as always.

I love the black because it will always remain a symbol of absolute elegance and embraces the person who carries it in mystery. Sobriety and refinement are two qualities in which black will dress you.

I chose a black, body-mounted dress with a steering wheel at the bottom to show the female curves of the body. The black stockings offer continuity to the outfit and create the optical effect of stretching the legs. Choose for velor leather boots with a high heel, for extra power and sensuality. You can choose to keep the outfit in the all black area or match it with a knitted jacket in a different color. This will give an innocent and playful air to your outfit, but at the same time extremely sophisticated.

I wish you a beautiful and warm spring !!

This spring is about you!


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