How to choose foundation based on skin type

skin type foundation

You’ve always dreamed of the products that celebrities on the instagram are promoting, and you’ve hard-earned money and bought a very expensive foundation that seemed to give you a perfect skin. But, it did not have the same magic effect you were expecting. Watch the celebrity product suggestions on instagram is not everything! Well, the fonundations that these girls promote, do not necessarily match your complexion. They choose the perfect products for their skin type. And you should do the same! Allow for the particularities of your skin before you buy a foundation.


Below are some ideas that will help you choose the right product for you:

Oily skin:

Oily skin needs a special care that allows the skin to find balance. Before applying the foundation, it is important to use a mattifying primer to eliminate excess sebum. Allow the primer to dry for 5 minutes and only then apply the foundation.

What foundation should you use if you have oily skin? Opt for a foundation with a long-lasting matte formula and medium to full coverage. You can use a mineral foundation, or an oil-free liquid foundation. They have powders that absorb the oil, leaving a smooth and matte finish. To apply the foundation, use a sponge or a makeup brush. Do not use your fingers, just transfer extra oil to your skyn.


Dry skin

For foundation to look good, dry


skin needs moisture. Before applying the foundation, use a light, moisturizing day cream. Apply a small amount of primer and let it get absorbed in the skin along with the cream. Choose a liquid foundation or moisturizing stick foundation. The secret is to choose a creamy texture that maintains the level of skin hydration. You can even choose a BB cream for everyday makeup. For added hydration mix the foundation with a drop of water or oil for the face with a water-like texture. This little trick will bring brightness to your skin, and your skin will look even more radiant!



Combination skin

If your skin is oily in a certain area and dry in others, you are caught between the two worlds, and you have to mix and match strategic foundations. As a general rule try to use a foundation that maintains hydration while absorbing excess oil. Choose a liquid foundation, slightly matte, and avoid those emollient and rich in oils. A construction foundation is right for you, so you can adjust the amount according to the needs of each area.

After hydrating, apply a primer in oily areas to control excess sebum. Apply the foundation and then apply the powder to the problem areas.

Sensitive skin / acne

If you are confronted with an acne and sensitive skin, you should avoid products that irritate the skin, such as alcohol and perfume. Always check the ingredients list and avoid the products that contain these two ingredients in the formula. The best option for you is mineral foundation. They are more delicate with the skin and moreover do not clog the pores, letting the skin breathe. Avoid waterproof products because they are hard to remove completely and clog the pores.

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