Moisturizing base makeup – 3 methods of application

Moisturizing base makeup

It’s cold outside, and low temperatures dry our skin. We must take care of our skin during this period and keep it healthy. This winter you can have a moisturized skin without imperfections! The Foundation, blended with face oil, will restore the skin shine and hydrate your skin. But be careful! When using oil in makeup avoid fatty oils, which can make makeup flow. Use an oil with a lightweight, water-like formula.

1. Moisturizing base makeup using foundation brush

If you have dry skin, brush application is right for you! Most make-up artists choose this method for applying the foundation. It is hygienic, fast and gives the skin a uniform finish. The brush does not absorb the makeup, leaving on the skin, the shine of the foundation.


Mix the foundation and face oil in a 3: 1 ratio. Use a suitable brush and apply it from your nose to your cheeks. Apply with quick strokes until the foundation has a natural look.

2. Moisturizing base makeup using foundation sponge

Applying the foundation with the sponge is suitable for oily skin. Even if you have oily skin, in the cold season you must keep your skin moisturized. Compared to the brush, the sponge absorbs the makeup and keeps the oil under control.


Wet the sponge with the face mist before adding the foundation. A wet sponge will provide more moisture than a dry sponge.

If you have oily skin, mixing the foundation with oil is not exactly a good idea, so use only the foundation for the first layer. Apply the foundation to the entire face with the sponge by taping. When you want to use the foundation, in several layers, for better coverage or in our case to get hydration, the sponge is perfect. Mix a small amount of foundation with a drop of oil and apply on the U area. Avoid the T area, which is greasy, to not make the makeup flow.

3. Moisturizing base makeup using your fingers

Body temperature provides an optimal application of the foundation. Compared to your brush or sponge, using your fingers, you will get a higher level of coverage, more, you will not make the waste of the product.


Apply 2-3 drops of oil to the clean hands and rub your hands to warm it. Apply on the face, pressing lightly. This will keep your skin moisturized for longer. Once you apply oil on your face, the foundation will stretch more easily and better.


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