Foot care routine

Foot care routine

Do not ignore your feet! Take care of them, just like your face or your hair. When you wear sandals, your feet draw all eyes, so prepare for it! Below I leave you a small foot care routine that will leave you velvety skin:


Make time for at least once a week to exfoliate your feet with an abrasive. This will remove the dead cells and prepare the skin for the next steps. You can buy commodities, or even prepare yourself a scrub at home, just as effective.


Mix the salt or sugar with a body oil (choose your favorite) and apply this scrub by circular movements across the entire surface of your feet. In the heel area you can use a ponce stone. Rinse it!


As you apply moisturizing cream on your face or hands, try to take care of your feet. Use a special cream, or use natural methods. Shea butter or coconut butter are a good choice, they will moisturize your skin and leave it soft.


A foot massage does not take more than a few minutes, so you can pamper your feet every night before bedtime!


Keep your feet fresh and clean! End the routine using a foot powder. The role of the powder is to absorb humidity, which is the ideal environment for rapid bacterial multiplication.


Foot mask

Once a month,  apply a leg mask. Masks have a quick effect on the skin of the legs, and in commerce there are many options to choose from. It is important to keep your feet in the mask as long as it is indicated on the packaging.


Use the right shoes

It is good to know that inappropriate footwear creates mounts and can cause leg swelling or even deformation. Try as much as possible to use comfortable shoes made from qualitative materials that let your skin breathe.


Your feet need attention just like the rest of your body. Use a cream with a high protection factor, especially if you repeatedly expose yourself to the sun’s rays. Keep your skin young, supple and appealing. Your feet will look sensational in your new high heel sandals!



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