ClimentArt bags


Recently I was at the Band of Creators and I was impressed by the bags of Climent Art.

The Brand creates unique accessories based on the handicraft process, produced in Romania.

Wood is an extremely stylish material that offers sobriety and warmth while being extremely versatile. I love how it has been used to make some of the most innovative models of handbags that you can match with different styles: Street Wear, Casual, Bussines and Black Tie.

In every wood creation, there is a team of young people who work with skill, seeking to achieve the perfect accessory that differentiates itself through quality and perfection.

You deserve quality accessories that differentiate you and outline your image in the most creative, warm and select way! Quality materials are carefully worked on the details by a talented and dedicated team. Natural leather and wood combine in absolute elegance and refinement, offering a modern and stylish look. The bags are cut, finished and handmade. I love that this brand offers you the oportunity to change the color of the bag or the sewing thread and even customize it by laser engraving on demand.

Go to the site and discover the most beautiful bags!


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