Neon – again in the trend!


Neon colors are back in trend. The great fashion houses have started and we have lovingly embraced the new bold season. Neon colors are easy to integrate into the outfit, and can become extremely versatile. Many celebrities have already adopted this style, which gains the sympathy of more and more fashionistas.

Whether you opt for a monochromatic neon, extremely bold, or you prefer neon only in accessories, if you choose to wear such a color, one thing you can be sure: you will not go unnoticed! Neon colors will give life to your outfit, and fit nicely with other uniquely styled pieces in neutral tones. Neon will bring freshness to any outfit, and will highlight a strong personality.

I’ll leave you some variations below, in which I introduced neon into my everyday outfits.


A joyful spring, and full of freshness!


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