The perfect outfit for the club


I love music and dance, and without these two things my life is simply colorless. I’m not the kind who loses nights in clubs, but when I do it is legendary. I love to feel the vibe of the speakers, and feel the music in the chest. I love how the light of the stroboscope shows your life in a magical way. When everything disappears and reinvents itself in an even better way in just a fraction of a second.

If you went out in the club, you surely noticed that all the girls have the “uniform”. Extremely short dress and extremely high-heeled shoes. Eventually the dress is also very unveiled, emphasizing the image of a woman, not at all stylish.

I am proposing you, an outfit you can do by yourself! Sounds tempting, is not it? You will definitely attract attention through your unique style!

Take an older pair of jeans and cut them. Do not shorten them too much, a vulgar image does not fit a refined woman. Because you’re in the club, your outfit needs to be sexy. This way you can accessorize your pants with the ribbon. Create that element that highlights your shapes. I bought the black ribbon, slightly glossy from the mercery and sewing on my pants. I applied golden accessories to create a color game and bring personality to the outfit. Be bold and wear your trouser with sock mesh. This is your night! The night you will shine and you will turn all the admirable looks of others.

I bought the blouse from the store and just shortened it. By calling for a long sleeveless blouse, and without a decolletage, you will keep the outfit in a safe area.

Get your favorite boots and red lipstick and you’re ready for a memorable night!



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