How often to bathe a dog


How often do you need to wash your dog? If your dog does not have any skin problems, there is no specific need to bathe the dog. This depends on the dog, how fast it gets a bad smell. Surely your pet will be dearest if he smells nice!

You can wash your dog once a month using a dog shampoo or  human baby shampoo. I know, veterinarians do not recommend this, but I use a baby shampoo when I wash Titi for more than a year, and the dog’s skin looks good and I have never had any problems. If you need to wash it more often, use a moisturizing or soap-free shampoo to prevent the skin from drying out. Try not to wash your dog more often than once a week. If after the baths you notice the skin is dry, then it is good to increase the period between the baths.

If the animal becomes very dirty, it is recommended to have a bath, otherwise dermatological conditions will occur.

My dog is white, has a rough coat, and loves bogs. The perfect combination for a daily bath. After a summer I washed her quite often, her skin looks good, it’s not dry. I do not encourage the dog’s daily washing, but there are situations where it can not be otherwise.



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