The Japanese Garden in Herastrau

The Japanese Garden in Herastrau was set up in 1998 with the support of the Japanese Embassy and the Japanese World Trade Fair and was rebuilt in 2018. The garden was rehabilitated by the Bucharest City Hall through ALPAB, with the support of landscape designers recommended by the Japanese Embassy in Romania and of the specialists of the Ion Mincu University of Architecture.

The tiny garden set in Herastrau keeps you close to Japanese spirit and tradition, and gives you the joy of a peaceful and relaxing walk along the cobbled alleys, amongst small flowing streams, arched small bridges, bamboo fences, and Japanese outdoor flashlights. Do not forget the Japanese cherries, which have a rapacious beauty, and they will touch your heart through the delicacy of the flowers shaken by the wind.

gradina japoneza


Hanami means flower gazing and is an ancient Japanese tradition that meets spring. It is a real joy for the eyes and the soul. The cherry blossoming period varies depending on the region and lasts for two weeks.

You can enjoy a landscape that requires meditation and absolute calm, on a warm April day, dreaming under a blooming cherry, and admiring the blue of the sky, right in the heart of Bucharest.


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