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Hair washing

A freshly washed, but well washed hair, even if it is not of exceptional quality, will acquire a pleasant appearance. Its texture, color and shine will be highlighted. There are still people who believe that

A freshly washed, but well washed hair, even if it is not of exceptional quality, will acquire a pleasant appearance. Its texture, color and shine will be highlighted. There are still people who believe that frequent hair washing is harmful. We can’t figure out why anyone would think that dusty, matted hair and a scalp suffocated with sebum and impurities are guarantees of health.

Hair that is washed often is more supple, more malleable, and easier to style.

Washing often is not unhealthy, instead the washing methods or the products used can be harmful, if they are not suitable for the quality of the hair. The approximate frequency of hair washing is once a week for oily hair and every 8-10 days for dry hair. Of course, the hair will be washed even more often if needed.

Hair washed and brushed regularly, it cannot get very dirty, so washing will be done quickly.

Hair washing

The hair will be shampooed twice. The shampoo will be applied to the scalp and, with the tips of the fingers, but not the nails, will be rubbed in quickly. The scalp is loaded with impurities and sebum, so it needs to be washed, not the hair. After a quick rubbing, the shampoo will be distributed on the hair and the rubbing will continue. Then clear the thick hair.

What do I wash my hair with?

The hair will of course be washed with water and shampoo.

It has been known since ancient times that rainwater is ideal for washing hair. This should at least be used to clarify. If you do not have the conditions to collect rainwater, you can replace it with 1L of mineral water (Borsec, Biborțeni, etc.).

The washing will be done with warm water, the first clarification with lukewarm water, the second with cold. The procedure is not dangerous. There is a wide range of hair washing shampoos on the market. They contain substances aimed at removing impurities, combined with others intended to give hair shine and suppleness (lanolin, lecithin, etc.).

Whatever the shampoo, chosen according to the type of hair, it not only cleans, but also plays a treatment role.

Use of shampoos in special cases

For dry hair, make an oil bath before washing. Heat olive or corn oil to a temperature of 37-38°. Then apply the oil with a cotton pad on the scalp, in the paths, and then spread it through the hair. Soak two (sacrificial) towels in very hot water. Take a towel out of the water, wring it out and apply it warm to your hair, like a turban. When you feel it start to cool down, soak it again in warm water and use the other towel. The operation will be repeated several times. When changing your towel, you’ll need to work quickly to prevent your scalp from cooling. Then wash your hair with a good shampoo and rinse with plenty of water.

For damaged, dry hair, an egg shampoo (available commercially) is recommended. Washing directly with egg has a disadvantage: the egg sticks to the hair, it is difficult to remove, and if particles remain between two washes, they change, and the effects can be harmful. However, we will present you with a method according to Professor Dr. Sebourand (famous dermatologist), which will help you to prepare an indicated recipe at home when you cannot find the desired products in the market.

  • beat two egg yolks in a slightly heated bowl, together with a glass of very warm (but not boiled) water. The mixture will be passed through a sieve. Soak a sponge in the obtained liquid and rub the scalp with it. The sponge favors emulsification. Do this operation 3 times, cleaning each time with plenty of water.

Coloring shampoos

Dye shampoo is a good quality shampoo to which a light bleach (for light shades) or an aniline-derived dye has been added. Their purpose is to give the hair a more vivid and shiny shade.

The color is not fixed in the hair like in dyeing, it just covers the hair with a thin, coloring film. This film does not penetrate the hair shaft and will therefore not resist washing, which allows a slight change of shade from one wash to the next.

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The mask and conditioner

Currently on the market there is a wide range of hair treatments in the form of a mask or conditioner. Always use the products as directed on the package insert. However, when we use the hair mask and when we use the conditioner.

The hair conditioner is indicated for those with fine and thin hair, as it does not thicken the hair as much as a mask. You can also use conditioner when you want to style your hair. The hair mask will make your hair much too fine, making it difficult to style. The mask will be used by people with thick hair, or those people with very dry hair who need more hydration.

After washing, squeeze the hair well from the water, and apply the mask or conditioner. Leave to act as indicated on the package. Preferably a mask will be left to act for twenty minutes, then the hair will be clarified abundantly.

The lotions

The modern cosmetic industry produces different types of lotions for hair care.

  • degreasing lotions: they aim to clean hair, especially seborrheic hair, between two washes;â
  • tonic or exciting lotions: indicated for people whose hair has started to fall out, or even for those with normal hair, for maintenance. They produce, thanks to the exciting substances and alcohol they contain, an intense vascularization of the scalp, and therefore an acceleration of hair growth;
  • tonic lotions: intended to act in a specific condition (dandruff), due to the substances contained.

The use of lotions, chosen with discernment, can only have favorable effects on the hair, but like any treatment, it requires persistence. Applying a product only when you remember is not enough, it must be used regularly, exactly as indicated on the packaging.

Because we’re talking about lotions, we can’t help but mention Gerovital H3 lotion, a product of Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan, famous all over the world. Its application requires a prior test and compliance with the instructions on the leaflet. The brilliant results of this product are known all over the world.

Cleansing hair without washing

If a flu prevents you from washing your hair, or if it tends to get greasy quickly, you can resort to one of the dry cleaning systems.

You can use a dry shampoo, there is a wide range of products on the market for this purpose. But if you prefer to use products prepared at home, below we have prepared some systems that you can follow:

  1. Dust your hair and scalp with fine salt. Tie your head for a few minutes with a towel. Then brush off the salt.
  2. Prepare the following composition for very oily hair:
    • 25g – orris root powder
    • 25g – Lycopodium powder
    • 25g – talc
    • 25g – precipitated sulphur
    • 25g – zinc oxide.

Rub the scalp with this powder, brush, comb often. After that, rub your scalp with a cotton swab with alcohol.


  • 50g – iris root powder
  • 50g – starch.

Proceed as above.

In the next article we will talk about scalp massage.

You may also be interested in the previous article on proper hair brushing and how to wash and maintain brushes and combs.

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