Description of cosmetics for makeup, the order and technique of their application

In this article we will present a description of cosmetics for makeup, the order and technique of their application. The order of application of the products for make-up must be as follows: make-up removal, using

In this article we will present a description of cosmetics for makeup, the order and technique of their application. The order of application of the products for make-up must be as follows:

  1. make-up removal,
  2. using the lotion,
  3. drying,
  4. application of the basic cream,
  5. application of foundations,
  6. rectification of defects by applying concealer and concealer,
  7. applying eyeshadow,
  8. applying the powder and removing the excess with a brush,
  9. applying eyeshadow to compact eyeshadow,
  10. brushing eyebrows,
  11. drawing eyebrows,
  12. applying eyeshadow,
  13. applying mascara,
  14. drawing the eye contour,
  15. lip contour,
  16. lipstick application,
  17. lipgloss.

Now that we have presented the order of their application, we will describe the cosmetics for makeup, and technique that we will use in their application.

Let’s take each product separately:

The cleanser can be in the form of a cleansing cream, milk or cleansing lotion. The choice of one form or another is made according to the skin of each woman.

The basic cream is a protective cream, which aims, when used without subsequent makeup, to protect the epidermis, to retain and prevent the penetration of dust and other impurities, to protect from the weather.

The herbal lotion when it serves as a makeup base forms a fine film that insulates the skin from colored products and makes the makeup adhere. It should be a fine, not too greasy, moisturizing cream that can be easily spread. The lotion must also be suitable for your skin type. For dry skin, choose an herbal lotion: chamomile, lime, mallow, etc. For a normal complexion you will choose a rosemary lotion, and for an oily complexion, a camphorated or orange-based lotion.

The foundation comes in three forms: cream, compact and fluid.

Cream foundation is applied to the face by hand. The distribution is as follows:

  • on the neck: 3 pills,
  • on the chin 2,
  • on the cheeks, 3 on each side, in the shape of a triangle,
  • on the upper lip 1 pill,
  • on the nose 1 pill, on each side,
  • on the forehead 2 or 3 pills.

The foundation stretches gently, without rubbing, so as not to irritate the skin. Lips, neck, eyelids, face will be covered with a homogeneous layer. Blend well at the root of the hair so that no foundation remains at its implantation.

When spreading the foundation on the nose, the movement should be made from the wings of the nose to the top, to avoid unsightly storage. If the nasolabial fold (from nose to lips) is deep, then inflate the cheek so that you can homogenize the product. Generally apply a small amount of primer, and if necessary, add. It is said that the foundation should be applied by a stingy man and the powder by a generous man.

Properly applied, carefully homogenized, the foundation should give the impression of a “second skin”, as invisible and natural as possible.

The foundation that looks like a compact powder is applied to the face with a damp sponge.

The fluid foundation is applied simply, pointing the face and neck with the product and stretching by hand.

Concealer is a white foundation with high coverage, which is used if you have dark circles. It will be applied on the eyelid, in the crescent and very well blurred.

Corrective makeup is also a foundation, of a very dark color. The adjustments with the help of the foundation follow the approach of the ideal type,  the oval one.

The blush comes in powder, cream or compact form. When it is cream, apply it on the foundation, under the powder. In compact and powder form, apply over the powder with a wider brush and blend with a piece of cotton wool soaked in the face powder.

Rules for applying blush

  1. The blush should not attract attention through too large an area or too bright a color.
  2. It must not have clear limits; the boundary between the foundation and the blush must be invisible.
  3. It should not appear as a colored spot on the cheek, but only give a tonic accent to the makeup.
  4. The color of the blush should be much lighter than that of the lipstick, but in the same harmony.

The powder will be chosen in the same shade as the foundation, or in a lighter shade. You can apply the powder using a rectangle made of a thin layer of cotton wool. Put a little powder on the rectangle, then fold and apply. The powder is useful not only to give a velvety appearance or to cover any skin defects, it also has an insulating action. It forms a protective screen against the weather and impurities on the skin. Here you will find 12 rules for applying powder.

Eyeshadow comes in various forms such as: powder, compact, baked, creamy, stick, pencil. You can choose matte makeup with mother of pearl or glitter.

The dermatograph pencil should be chosen according to the hair color, and is found in various shades.

The mascara is found compact or paste. The color will be chosen according to the color of the hair and iris. It is generally applied only on the upper lashes.

Eye-liner, is in liquid or compact form and is used for eye contouring, applied with a very fine brush. Applying it requires some skill that is gained over time.

The lip contour pencil is a softer, fatter pencil with which to contour the lips. It is recommended that it be darker than the lipstick on the lips, but in the same range.

The lipstick must be chosen carefully, because it gives the final note of a successful make-up.

Lipgloss is a translucent paste, which is applied over the lipstick, in order to give it shine.

These were a description of cosmetics for makeup, the order and technique of their application. I hope you found this article useful. In the next article we will talk about color in makeup.

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