Wrinkles – causes and treatment

Everyone wants to keep their youthful appearance. The fear of aging too quickly, the fear of wrinkles, becomes a real obsession for many women from the very first wrinkle, even if it is just an

Everyone wants to keep their youthful appearance. The fear of aging too quickly, the fear of wrinkles, becomes a real obsession for many women from the very first wrinkle, even if it is just an expression wrinkle.

What are wrinkles and how do they form?

Under the skin of the cheek there are numerous small muscles, called the muscles of mimicry or the muscles of the skin (so named because one of their two ends is attached to the skin). The contraction of these muscles, under the influence of the nervous system, allows the externalization of mental states such as: joy, anger, sadness, etc. Through the contraction of these muscles, a fold is formed, oriented perpendicular to the direction of traction. After the contraction stops, thanks to the elasticity and tendons of the muscle, the skin will return to its original position.

With age, the skin loses its elasticity and cannot return to its original position. It remains folded, which results in the appearance of wrinkles.

Types of wrinkles

Wrinkles can be divided into:

  • fold wrinkles (wrinkling) – the folds from the nose to the lips, the folds of the neck and forehead;
  • sagging wrinkles (collapsing, sagging) – crow’s feet wrinkles, the corners of the lips (mouth), cheeks, lower eyelids, chin, neck. These wrinkles can improve with treatment.

Usually, wrinkles appear in a certain order. Vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles appear first, followed by eye wrinkles (crow’s feet), then creases starting from the nose towards the corner of the lips (like two parentheses). As we age, the eyelids will wrinkle, and vertical wrinkles appear above the upper lip.

but wrinkles do not appear only in elderly people. Young people are not exempt from this shortcoming, especially those with dry or sensitive skin. In this case, fine wrinkles can turn into real wrinkles if no measures are taken to protect, tone or nourish the skin.

We must not omit the fact that a deep wrinkle, regardless of the cause that generated it, can be mitigated but not removed. That is why, in this case, more than in others, preventive measures are absolutely necessary, as they constitute the most important treatment of wrinkles. The prevention of the formation of wrinkles is indicated to start from adolescence, especially if the skin is sensitive, dry, dehydrated, because in this way their appearance will be delayed, as much as possible.

The products used play an essential role, therefore, I will insist on the fact that not every product suits us, even if it is of the best quality. The choice of cosmetic products must be made according to the characteristics of each person’s skin, bearing in mind that, among other things, a product intended for oily skin, for example, can cause many shortcomings to dry skin.

Causes that contribute to the appearance of wrinkles:

The causes that can generate the appearance of wrinkles are multiple, but I will review only a few of them:

  • Exaggerated, unnecessary, repeated contraction of the facial muscles – leads to the formation of wrinkles over time. The areas that wrinkle first are the eyes, nose, mouth, forehead and chin, because those muscles are used more frequently. Some states of mind such as sadness, if repeated often, can favor the appearance of deep wrinkles on the face, most of the time permanent, while the state of cheerfulness does not bring such effects. This happens because during laughter only 13 muscles are activated, as opposed to depressed states when about 60 muscles are activated. We must remember that spontaneous laughter activates blood circulation contributing to better skin nourishment. The wrinkles produced by the excessive contractions of the facial muscles, therefore by exaggerating facial expressions, are called expression wrinkles.
  • Irrational exposure to the sun causes the skin to dehydrate, peel, dry, becoming flabby and rough, which favors the appearance of wrinkles. Remember to expose yourself to the sun in a rational way, starting with a few minutes and reaching a maximum of two hours.
  • Too bright light causes the eyes to squint, which over time leads to the formation of wrinkles (crow’s feet). We can easily prevent this by wearing sunglasses with good quality lenses.
  • The weight loss, if it happens quickly, will be followed by the appearance of wrinkles. fat represents a double support, plastic and elastic, for the skin, this gives the face and body the aesthetic roundness characteristic especially of the female sex. When subcutaneous fat disappears due to excessive weight loss, the support that keeps the skin smooth also disappears. If we still need to lose weight, we will do so gradually, under medical supervision, because skin rapidly and irrationally deprived of its support, fat, will shift to form wrinkles, giving an aged appearance.
  • Reading in low light can also cause wrinkles. During working hours in the office or at home, the light source will need to be placed in such a way that it illuminates the workplace from the left side.
  • Meteorological factors (sun, wind, cold, humidity, heat or temperature variations) to which we can also add atmospheric pollution, have a categorical action on the skin. The first condition for maintaining the skin in a perfect state of health is to protect it against atmospheric factors .
  • The defective way of life. Excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee and tobacco, failure to sleep or insomnia, excesses of all kinds and a generally disordered life lead to the formation of dark circles, then wrinkles on the eyelids, which give the face a tired appearance.
  • Lack of care or poorly understood skin care. Due to the protective layer of sebum, people with dry skin wrinkle early. The use of products intended for oily skin on such a skin implicitly leads to the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, in the case of dry skin, soap, solutions containing alcohol, astringent solutions, glycerin and degreasing lotions will be avoided. Glycerin as well as strong degreasing solutions will also be avoided in the case of oily skin, because the former absorbs water from the tissues, iat=r the abuse of degreasers drastically removes the layer of fat from the skin, thus subjecting the sebaceous glands to increased activity.


Wrinkle treatment

The golden rule is prevention, that’s why the tonicity of the skin must be preserved. For this purpose, the skin will be lotioned in the morning and evening with tonic solutions, or sprayed with floral waters or mineral water.

The eyelids, as well as the region around the mouth, will be massaged with nourishing creams, and the skin will be protected against the elements with screen creams.

creams containing vitamins, tissue products, various oils, or even hormones are recommended for wrinkled skin. regarding the latter, a doctor will be consulted beforehand.

Homemade anti-wrinkle recipes:

  • cream: vitamin A one ampoule, vitamin E 30% one ampoule, vitamin F 30 drops, fat cream 50 g.
  • lotion: 20 wild poppy petals, infused in 250 ml of boiling water for 15 minutes. It creeps up.
  • mask: rub 50 g of honey with royal jelly with the juice of half a lemon.
  • mask: 2 tablespoons of rye flour, with olive oil and a vial of royal jelly.


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