Memories from underground

The mountain has a special charm that has always attracted me. Its heights, cold rock slopes, alpine meadows with cool breeze, high fir trees, and mountain flowers all paint the most beautiful picture of this

The mountain has a special charm that has always attracted me. Its heights, cold rock slopes, alpine meadows with cool breeze, high fir trees, and mountain flowers all paint the most beautiful picture of this world. The mountain speaks of life and death, friendship and trust, and shows you life as it is, unaltered. How could you not love the hiking in the heart of the mountains.

Being mountain-loving, I have been enrolled many years ago at a school of mountain guides. Here I met wonderful people and lived together moments unforgettable. There are a lot of stories I can tell you right now, a lot of beautiful happenings I enjoyed. There were fun moments in the cabin, but also difficult moments along the route, where you just felt you could not go on.

Today’s article appeared in response to the challenge launched by SuperBlog and Borealy. The fourth round of the competition proposes to tell us an important moment, an experience that had an impact on us.

Though it happened a long time ago, when I was only 16 years old, I will definitely remember it as well in old age.

We were in Padina, and we were going to explore the unplanned part of the Ialomita cave. We left the cottage, making our way through the snow that shimmered in the red sunlight at sunset.

We were going in a single file, and my steps went straight on the path that had formed through the snow. We were over 100 people going to the Ialomita cave. To my right was Marius, one of the guides school tutors, and my best friend of all time.

Our jokes and smiles were mingling in the mountains. Under the silver fir trees, on the narrow path, at the end of a long line of wonderful people, I continue our tireless journey. I did not even realize when I got into the cave. I placed the headlight flashlight on my forehead with care and I quickly visited the arranged side of the cave.

This is where the magic of my story begins. After visiting, we headed to our starting point in our little underground adventure, a pretty tight pit. I jumped the safety fence and lowered the steep cliffs. Marius was waiting at a key point, helping us get down safely. No matter how brave I wanted to look, I really needed his help. I walked through narrow and full galleries of bats, wet and dirty rocks, but of special beauty. The walls were narrowing, and we were hardly moving forward. The creeping smell of the cave became more and more stingy.

Our road has begun to enlarge, and we can move forward easily. The gallery widened and on my right I saw a small underground waterfall. I remained immovable and I looked in silence at all this beauty. The water flowed quickly and loudly, rolled over the boulders, and cold drops sank toward me, touching my face. It was so fascinating everything I saw, everything I was living. Marius was the last one. I smiled broadly. He nodded, and disappeared quickly. I was sure that was following a difficult track.

From the main road, a gallery with an accentuated, extremely steep inclination was opened in the wall, which brought great problems to the group. I’ve waited a long time for my turn. I started climbing the narrow chimney, and Marius waited at the exit of this hell tunnel. I remember perfectly. I had a backpack that was hanging in a rock corner and I could not move. He grabbed my hand and tried to pull me, but I was stuck between the damp wallsWith a foot socket, I assured myself and pulled my backpack out. With overwhelming efforts I threw Marius my backpack. In that very narrow place, the air became unstoppable, I was slowly panicking, and felt like I was burning. Once I got rid of the backpack I managed to squeeze myself to the exit. Marius helped me get out of the tight gallery. I laughed and told him how my backpack was stuck between the pages. The road was narrow and followed a turn to the right. I looked in that direction. My eyes were filled with tears and I let a sound of astonishment come out. Waaaaw! I looked at Marius crying.

-You like it? he asked me with a smile.
– I haven’t seen anything more beautiful in my life!
Are you curious what I saw?

One hundred candles, lit in the most magical way the walls of a huge hall. I lost my heart rate and I got disconnected from everything. I only lived through that moment. Somehow I felt the warmth of the candles, and I let the gentle light caress my soul. I admire how candle light touches the delicate cold rock, and creates a game of shadows and lights. The noise and agitation of the others remained in the background, far away, as if they were not part of this world. Everything has become timeless and I have locked myself in the magic of this place. My heart vibrated and a tremble filled my whole body. All my pores were flooded with the unreal beauty of this place. Tears rolled over my cold cheeks. He had arranged this with another trainee. He seemed proud of himself, and he enjoyed having such an effect.I looked into his eyes trying to tell him how amazed he was, but I could not say anything. To live a dream moment with a person so dear to me, has created a memorable memory. He returned my backpack. I looked back and realized that there were other mountain enthusiasts behind me. I wiped away my tears and smiled broadly. I walked into the immense hall and left Marius back to help the others.

Years have passed over us, and we’ve changed a lot. But one thing remained as strong: our friendship. I would love to show my appreciation, to see how valuable his friendship is for me, how much it matters to me his trust, his advice, and his help every time I needed. He was always there for me and now it’s my turn, to thank him for everything! But what can I give to a man who deserves heaven? I looked for the best gift for a friend to commemorate this memory.

Now Marius has a beautiful family, and he sat down at his home, so I thought it would be nice to make a gift for my new home. And I found the perfect gift, the gift that reminds of the beauty and magic of life that would make him relive those moments from underground. A silver candle that will bring the light and shine to the special moments that will follow in its life that will keep the memories of that evening spent in the cave and create an intimate and magical atmosphere right in the heart of his family. To remind him of our friendship and how beautiful life is!

Magic is found in small things beside the right people!


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