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Why is breakfast important?

Life as we know it has changed, and we need to adapt as we go, and keep up with new technologies, in this century of speed. But if we embraced technology quickly, modern eating habits

Life as we know it has changed, and we need to adapt as we go, and keep up with new technologies, in this century of speed. But if we embraced technology quickly, modern eating habits are not exactly right for our body. Not to mention the extended schedule we have at work, heavy traffic, as well as stress and uncertainty that reach maximum levels, which turn our body upside down and subject our body to immense stress. This chaotic lifestyle, which is rather imposed on us, often does not allow us to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We no longer have time for ourselves, for the family, we no longer find time to do sports, or to relax. Even if we love to have a hectic life and we have adapted to an alert lifestyle, we must implement a healthy lifestyle, which will help our body to face all obstacles. We need to find time for ourselves to take care of our health and that of our loved ones. Health is the most precious thing we have. As long as we are healthy we can resist this urban lifestyle, constantly changing, full of deadlines and continuous stress.

More than ever, we now need solutions that allow us to eat in a controlled calorie, but densely nutritious way, to protect ourselves and increase immunity.

I’ve never had a too chaotic lifestyle, but I can’t boast that I’ve adopted the healthiest lifestyle. For many years I have been facing a series of health problems that have determined me to make healthy choices, and to inform myself a lot in this direction. So I decided to start a series of articles, about nutrition, which I hope will help all those who are looking to improve their health, or simply want to maintain it. I recently joined a wonderful community, where I find not only valuable and certified information about the correct implementation of a healthy lifestyle, but here I found the support I needed, and the understanding. Acceptance!

The secret to a healthy lifestyle is simple: BALANCE! Whatever we do is good to do in moderation, even the things we consider right, such as sports.

I will start this series with a very important topic: breakfast!

First of all we must understand that everything we eat in a day is consumed in two ways:

  • during the day: we consume Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Water, to have energy and function;
  • during the night: nutrients and water are used to regenerate the body.

Why is breakfast important?

Going over breakfast affects satiety (feeling too full) as well as liveliness.

Going over breakfast means for our body that it has to use the reserves of nutrients and water that it has used overnight. The body is not fed, which leads to lower blood sugar, thus establishing the feeling of hunger. As a result, we end up making unhealthy food choices, such as simple carbohydrates (to increase blood sugar).

Breakfast for Romanians:

  • 3% usually eat breakfast;
  • 13 minutes – average duration of a breakfast during the week;
  • 17 minutes – average duration during the weekend;
  • 37% eat breakfast unaccompanied;
  • 47% have breakfast with their partner;
  • 18% have breakfast with children;
  • 95% have breakfast at home;
  • 4% have breakfast at work.

Types of regular breakfast:

  • Carbohydrate breakfast;
  • High calorie breakfast;
  • Lack of breakfast.

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Carbohydrate breakfast:

Simple carbohydrates quickly turn into glucose and increase blood sugar levels. A high-carbohydrate breakfast raises blood sugar levels, forcing the pancreas to actively secrete insulin. Sudden increase in insulin levels causes a rapid drop in blood sugar with the onset of hunger, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and a tendency to nibble. This cycle is repeated several times a day.

Absence of breakfast:

The absence of breakfast causes the same cycle that begins with low blood sugar.

The effects of an unbalanced breakfast

Breakfast based on simple carbohydrates (mono and disaccharides) or lack thereof, leads to sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Thus there is a need for frequent snacks, the inability to control appetite and to follow a balanced diet. In the long run, this can lead to irritability, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, unstable mood, as well as increased levels of body fat, weight gain.

The four goals of a healthy breakfast:

  1. Optimal nutrition: restoring nutrients lost during the night to regenerate the body;
  2. Optimal energy level: providing energy for a new day, by providing essential nutrients (proteins, healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats, vitamins and minerals);
  3. Optimal hydration: restoring the level of hydration lost during the night;
  4. Ensuring a stable blood sugar level: reduces the need for ″ nibbling ″ between meals, prevents energy drops during the day.

From now on, don’t skip breakfast! Choose to eat healthy, so as to provide your body with optimal nutrition, which provides it with the nutrients it needs.


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