Two days in Bucegi

Hey hey! We meet again! This time in the heart of the mountains where the air is clean and the water is crystalline. The mountain has enchanted me since I know myself and always attracts

Hey hey! We meet again! This time in the heart of the mountains where the air is clean and the water is crystalline. The mountain has enchanted me since I know myself and always attracts me with a burning desire, on the narrow paths, between the steep and cold rocks.

I was away a weekend, with the tent at Padina, and it was a dream. The weather kept with me this time and gave me the chance to create a bunch of wonderful memories in just two days.

From Bucharest, I left early, rushed to catch the golden hour, in the Lăptici peat bog.

Lăptici peat bog

It is a new attraction in Bucegi that enjoys your heart and eyes alike. The natural reserve peat Lăptici was declared a protected area in 2000. This peat is actually an oligotrophic swamp located in the left meadow of the Scândurarilor stream. It hosts a wide variety of flora of musk and grass, specific to peatlands. The simplistic beauty of peat is a delight for viewers and food for souls. The place urges meditation and fusion with nature. I am not at all a spiritual person, but this place has something magic in it that will bring you a state of relaxation and happiness. I recommend you to get here at least once in your life. I stop at this place every time I go to Padina, and never stop impressing me.

I arrived on Padina Plateau, and quickly mounted the tent. The rest of the day lingered in the sun like a bee beetle. The wind blew lightly on the high grass. An illusion of waves was created, like a soft sea, rolling in the golden light of the sun. The sky was blue without any trace of cloud, and from the distance it smelled of fire of damp wood. The cool river flowed quickly down the valley, slipping gently between the white stones.

In the evening the cold was left and I crouched in my sleeping bag. I had a smooth and restful sleep until morning. I only regret that I did not wake up in the middle of the night to get out of the tent and admire the starry sky. But there will be other occasions, and I just hope I do not miss such an experience again.

Cave of Ialomița

The next day I went to Ialomita Cave. I visited the cave many times and I even wrote an article about a unique experience here. This time I had a special companion, my dog, Țiți. Although you are normally not allowed with pets in the cave, I managed to get in. That’s because it was a quiet day on Monday, and there were not many visitors.

The cave is on the right slope of the Ialomita Pier and runs on a single level over a length of about 480 m. 400 m are accessible to tourists to the point called “at the Altar”. Upstream there is a further 80m, with galleries and halls.

The entrance of the cave is in the form of a semi-ellipse and opens on a horizontal terrace, which is 18 m above the bottom of the valley. Just at the entrance to the Cave there is the Ialomita Monastery. This monastery was built in the 16th century and was founded by the ruler of Wallachia, Mihnea cel Rău. The monastery burned several times so far.

Timetable: Monday-Sunday 09: 00-18: 00


  • adults: 10 lei
  • children: 5 lei

Take care! The cave is cool, the average temperature is 5ºC, I recommend you to have a hoodie!

Bucegi Plateau

From the cave I went to the cable car. The fastest and easiest way to get to Bucegi Plateau. But if you have time I recommend you choose the route on foot, the landscapes are absolutely awesome and the satisfaction is enormous.

Cableway program: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 09: 00-17: 00


  • ascending / descending: 40 lei (15 lei – children under 12 years)
  • ascending + descending: 70 lei (30 lei – children under 12 years old)

On the Bucegi Plateau, you seem to be in Pisa, a lot of people trying to make the most successful and unusual photo of the Sphinx. The sphinx is an anthropomorphic megalith and measures 8 meters in height and 12 meters in width.

According to wikipedia:

From a historical and even mystical point of view, the Sphinx is the representation of a supreme divinity from Pelasgian times. His human aspect is associated with an expression of sovereignty and power, this being evidenced by the proportional face, severe lips and the chin. Pelasgians were before the Greeks, their tribes were spread especially in the Aegean Sea.

Its resemblance to a Sphinx (if viewed from certain angles marked around it), as well as the legends and the history of the place, have made this geological formation an important tourist attraction.

Around the Bucegi there are many theories, which, more interesting, the theories that I think should be strongly promoted to attract thirsty tourists of mystic and supernatural forces, long gone times, or aliens.

The Sphinx is not the only megalith on the plateau, the area being covered with such formations. Careful!! The Bucegi Megaliths are protected by law, you are not allowed to escalate, draw, alter in any way. Respects area values and huge potential.

Bucegi plateau is a complex painting with spectacular landscapes from an unreal world. The steep slopes merge with the plain plate, mixing in the blue line of the horizon. Perfect interweaving between chaos and order, between life and death, The bouquet is charmed by the rapacious beauty. An impressive, hard-to-see landscape that will always echo in your heart.

I hardly left the lonely Sphinx behind, and I went back to catch the last cable car. I stumbled up into the cable car, and I felt a push in my chest when the doors closed. My gaze was caught in an ephemeral horizon full of mystery and extraordinary stories.
My journey was coming to an end. I got to the tent with the heavy footsteps, and I started clutching it.

Whether you are a mountain lover or not, I recommend to anyone to experience the tent. It’s something you have to do at least once in your life.


  • Respect nature! Collect garbage, and throw it into specially arranged places !!
  • Use sunscreen. Do not forget the cap! On the mountain the sun is misleading! Even if the wind blows and it’s cool, the rays are very strong and there is a risk of heat-stroke.
  • Do not forget the water! On the mountain you do not have shops in every corner, so if you choose to make a route, make sure you have enough drinking water and manage it well.
  • Do not ignite the fire in the woods or protected areas.


Let’s go to the mountains!

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